Simple, easy performance monitoring for the web.

Vitality is a real-user-monitoring platform to let you see how your users experience your site by adding a single line of javascript.

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Real-time insights

With minute-by-minute metrics for your webapp's core web vitals, you can gain deep insight into how your app is performing from the user's perspective.

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Protect you and your users' privacy

We take privacy seriously and never share your data with anyone else. We also collect only the minimum data necessary from each user to give them the best experience possible. With Vitality, you can monitor your users' experience without compromising their privacy.

Data-driven UX fixes

We break down each page load step by step, just like your local devtools, to help you pinpoint and fix issues with minimal effort.

Whether it's DNS issues, slow server rendering, or large payloads, Vitality visualizes your performance metrics to show you exactly where to focus your efforts.

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Graph of real-time performance navigation duration breakdown over time.

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Why use Vitality?

Forget days of tweaking to get your performance infrastructure up. Not every app needs to be instrumented like Netflix.

Quick and easy to integrate

Add a single line of JS to your site and we'll handle the rest.

Simple, understandable pricing

We don't charge you for users or deployments. Just a flat fee based on data per month.

Great for agencies

Support a whole bunch of sites? We bill by events across all your domains - you'll never be penalised for adding a new domain.

We respect your data

Your data will never be shared with or sold to a third-party. We build the product and you pay for it. It's that simple.

Track deployments (coming soon)

Want to know whether there's a correlation between a deployment and poor performance? Hook in deployments to your data to have them visualized on your graphs without any additional configuration.

Weekly reports (coming soon)

We don't expect you to log in to find out what's happening. We'll send an email report weekly to let you know how your apps are doing versus the week before.

We're here to help

We're a small team of developers who care about the product we're building. We support the product ourselves, so you'll always talk to someone who can solve your problem.